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Monday, January 2, 2012

Local Schools Network 2

Steiner schools fail to get Free School Funding — for this year at least

My comment:

“They don’t teach mumbo jumbo and they are not secretive about Anthroposophy. They are not racist or sexist and they reject this aspect of Steiner’s views”

Wouldn’t it be better to say *as far as I know, they don’t teach mumbo jumbo…”? They ABSOLUTELY taught Steiner’s racist ideas to my child – and delivered the lesson plan as “physiology”. After multiple discussions with the school (Highland Hall – a 50 year-old established Waldorf school with teacher training facilities on site), they stood behind a RACIST lesson plan. There’s little reason to assume, since they’re a training facility, that they don’t teach Steiner’s racist ideas to teachers… but since they DID teach them to my child, there is NO reason to assume they don’t teach Steiner’s racism to children. Again, this isn’t a start-up Waldorf school with a wacky teacher… it’s an ESTABLISHED Waldorf school and teacher TRAINING center.
Waldorf schools are here to promote Steiner’s ideas. ALL OF THEM! Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or lying. It’s really THAT simple.