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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Highland Hall Waldorf School - Reviews by Pete

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Parent Reviews of Highland Hall - Update

I've gone to considerable effort to warn parents about Highland Hall Waldorf School.  Here are some of the reviews I've posted:

Google Reviews

Please, listen to the reviews of students (poor) and not the reviews of teachers and faculty (like Liz, below). If you read a "parent" review, shouldn't it be from a "parent" who isn't also WORKING THERE? I had Highland Hall forced on my kids (through a difficult divorce). I was there almost 20 years... I know Highland Hall. My kids unanimously agree the place was NOT a good learning institution... just like Anush and Paolo below. A small percentage of kids who graduate (which is a VERY SMALL percentage of kids who attend since most parents pull their children OUT of Highland Hall after a year or two) go on to college - the remainder struggle in "artsy" careers - performing arts, food service, stuff like that. There are NO academics being taught there - and there's a reason. Anthroposophy is Waldorf's silent partner. Anthroposophy (the special religious teacher training Liz talks about below) frowns on intellect. So, the "additional" training Waldorf teachers have is religious indoctrination... not something regarding education. In fact, if you have questions about what Waldorf teachers are taught, have a look at the Waldorf teacher training reading list here: - it's ALL Anthroposophy - all the time. The two student reviews below indicate how silly these people's approach to education is. I'm here to tell you that the education is dangerous as well. First - there is a racist component to the education. Rudolf Steiner, the father of Waldorf education, was himself a racist. The racist things he taught are being taught to students at Highland Hall - WITH the knowledge of the teachers, staff, board, etc. and Second, they cover up abuse when it occurs. Breaking the mandated reporting laws is common for them. This happened frequently to many kids, my own included. Please, read my blog about Highland Hall's abusive behavior toward children and parents. If you still feel like sending your child there, I'll pray for you.

"There is a cowardly and deceitful person that used my daughter's name to write a negative review for this school. " Are you sure it wasn't your son LISA? Meanwhile, speaking of cowardly, you KNEW my daughter was being exposed to a known pedophile on your campus and did NOTHING. You are a MANDATED reporter. Shame on you Lisa - and shame on the conspirators who helped you destroy a child. A huge lawsuit against Highland Hall is forthcoming. Thanks for destroying this school. Parents are best advised to avoid Highland Hall at all costs. There is nothing these people won't don in the name of protecting their school and Anthroposophy! NOTHING!

by a parent
Monday, June 20, 2011

Open QuoteOften considered the most problematic of all Waldorf schools, Highland Hall has had serious problems going back decades. The underpinning philosophy, Anthroposophy, binds all the teachers. This becomes a cult-like environment in a crisis situation - and there is a crisis situation every year or two due to poor governance and no accountability. In such situations, teachers and board members are ruthless in their treatment of offending children or parents. The philosophy, Anthroposophy, is steeped in spiritual and RACIAL hierarchies. Indeed, Anthroposophy IS the curriculum. Highland Hall taught my child that the blood of Europeans is more evolved than the blood of Asians and Africans. When questioned about this, they didn't reprimand the teacher, they DEFENDED the lesson. Obviously, I am a former parent... not so obviously, I've been involved with Highland Hall for over 15 years.

Please read my blog: Quote