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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Gallery


Me - Putting Up Missing Child Posters at Highland Hall

Highland Hall's Alumni Director, Jacqui Dres, Removing Missing Child Posters while my daughter was STILL MISSING!  Many of Highland Hall's teachers and staff helped remove the posters.  What kind of monsters would do this?

My Daughter - Arrested at the Home of Mark Bailey

 Ed Eadon - This monster conspired with my ex wife to run interference on behalf of the school with minor's counsel.  He spent hours on the phone (I have the bill) trying to convince minor's counsel about how terrible it was that I was communicating with other parents at the school and how I was violating the school's ever-changing communication's protocol by doing so.  This is solid evidence of conspiracy.

Alessandra Lisa Scemema Profumo - Knew about the history of the pedophile teenage son of newly hired Wendy Wilkins but said nothing to parents nor faculty.  She knew my children were playing with this pedophile daily in after school care but said NOTHING.  When the inevitable happened and children were molested on Highland Hall's campus (2 police reports were filed) Lisa - a MANDATED REPORTER, COVERED UP the incidents.  When outraged parents confronted her, she lied about having "signed contracts" with the teacher among other things.  A facilitator was eventually brought in.  This incident was a nightmare for parents - AND for many teachers at the school who felt betrayed by one of their own.  Lisa is one of the most dangerous people in Waldorf. 

Merrily Lovell taught my son in physiology class: "The blood of people from Europe is more evolved than the blood of people from Africa and Asia."  This is EXACTLY what Steiner taught.  Proof that Steiner's racist ideas enter the Waldorf classroom as science.  When I questioned this lesson, Highland Hall SUPPORTED it!