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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Racist Waldorf School Teacher moves from Highland Hall to Lake Champlain

Racist Waldorf Teacher, Merrily Lovell, taught my kid that "the blood of people from Europe is more evolved than the blood of people from Africa and Asia" while working at Highland Hall.  Now, she is employed at Lake Champlain Waldorf School teaching biology and math.   From her bio at Lake Champlain:

Merrily Lovell

Biology and Math

"Ms. Lovell came to LCWHS in 2010 after many years of teaching Biology at Highland Hall Waldorf High School in Northridge, California. She completed a Waldorf High School Science teacher training in England in 1996. ... She is thrilled... to be teaching part time at the high school." 

Merrily is mentioned here and elsewhere on my blog:

and what she taught was posted to many newspapers and blogs:

And many more places... And now Merrily is teaching biology at Lake Champlain!  But does she actually know anything about biology?  What do they teach as biology at Waldorf High School Science teacher training in England?  When my son, who was in her class, turned in a scientific paper on evolution, she chided him for not considering "intelligent design".  Is this what Waldorf biology teaches?  That God made all things and that some people have "evolved" higher than others, and that they are identifiable precisely through the color of their skin" (as Steiner would say).
Hasn't Merrily done ENOUGH for Waldorf education already?  Lake Champlain is already a poorly-run school according to the reviews.