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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Linden Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents

Posted March 17, 2012
This school should be avoided if you are truly looking for a loving, inclusive, globally conscious school. The culture is stated as being child centered, globally inclusive, heart focused, spirit oriented. But it is not the actual culture. Rather it is excluive, rigid, authoritarian, occult, isolating. While my children attended I witnessed a new student, a kind, sweet child with a family that seemed very loving was ostracized, bullied, treated in a most hateful manner because they were unique. That was the final straw for my family. We were never told of the culture of openness meant only open to what they think and nothing else. They say, advertise, pretend to be holistic, creative, loving but rather they are anything but unless you meet their exact specifications. And those occult, Wiccan expectations are and were never discussed. If that is your thing, then peace, love, and hopefully your children will be happy. But if not your children will be abused and made to feel very unwelcome.
—Submitted by a parent