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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Garden Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents

Posted March 7, 2012
While this school uses the brand name, Waldorf, it is far from a Waldorf school. Children are treated as second-class citizens. I made the mistake with one of my children, but not the other. In a word, terrible. One or two good teachers and certainly an administration without class. Don't let this school ruin your children!
—Submitted by a parent

Posted January 29, 2011
My child had a problem with bullying as well. Luckily, the bully left the school. My biggest problem is that the school is not well maintained. Frankly, it looks like a dump.  —Submitted by a parent

Posted July 4, 2010
My son has been bullied by another student for several years. The teachers do nothing to help my son. They have told us that it is our son's fault that he is bullied. The administration tells us "Your son needs to be more aggressive with the other boys." What do they mean by that? Do they want our son to fight back? My husband and I had decided to finally remove our son from this school. Our son is doing well at his new school.
—Submitted by a parent