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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sacramento Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents and Students

Mike U - Davis, CA
I attended their middle school, and I chose not to go to their high school.
I had this teacher who was a very.... unprofessional.
There was this kid who everyone in school hated. Not that he was stupid or anything.. he just had a lot of questions and liked to interfere with many things.
This kid made a lot of issues at school because people liked to make fun of him. Every single time there was a problem between him and other kids, I just couldn't believe how a teacher could be so immature and unprofessional because she was never fair to the victim.
She always believed things that are only visible, and she never tried to learn the truth.
And she was nice to only kids whose mom gave her a lot of support during field trips and those stupid "fairs"...

School cares too much about Shakespeare and ancient stuff.. They don't even have computer labs.  When I went to a public high school, I was shocked because no one in the real world cares about what SWS seems to be obsessed about.
School is so small that kids there almost never experience the real world. They think what they experience in that tinny group is everything. However, the real world is full of surprises, and I don't think SWS prepares their kids to meet those surprises.

So send your kids here if you want your kids to become Shakespeare freaks....

oh, and also, half of the kids in high school are potheads.. campus has a lot of areas hidden areas... its so easy to f*** around.