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Monday, May 7, 2012

Waldorf School of Garden City - Reviews by Parents

Posted November 7, 2011
The Jury is still out for me.My sons first Month in 5th grade was a challange.The bad weather days the students are sent out in the rain. A bully pulled my son shirt to get his attention about his Violyn playing. The teacher said oh the bully was so helpful to the others in the class before.My son does not feel safe or trusted. Health reasons he has missed 10 days so far. I took him from a school in NYC for this?
—Submitted by a parent

Posted October 2, 2009
I did not care for this school at all. The environment was not fun or friendly. It was more of an environment for discipline. The problem with this approach is that the teacher (s) did not first establish any relationship or any sort of trust with the child and before you know it, they are repremanding the children and sending them out of the room.  —Submitted by a parent