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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Novato Charter School - Review by a Student

I found this honest student review nestled among 95 bliss-ninny one-liner reviews.

Posted November 17, 2011
This school, coming from a student, is a good school, teaches good material, but
is stuck in the 60's. Any use of cell phones, gaming devices or any other
technological thing is forbidden and, if found, confiscated. In the kindergarten
kids get in trouble for, and I quote, "TV Talk". Yes, thats right, even the mere
MENTION of the word "Spider-man" is punishable. Other than this and the issues
with budget (the school seems to be getting poorer and poorer every day) it is a
good school. Worries about kids being teased/bullied, begone! The school has a 0
tolerance policy for things like this. The school is a raffle school with a long
waiting list, so you might need to wait to get your kid in. One of the teachers
(who I will leave unnamed) has an obsession with making kids pick up trash,
which is very annoying. Also, the teachers tend to favor girls a LOT more than
boys, so be prepared if your child is a boy. Last but not least, it has "main
lesson", which is where you learn something, write a draft, draw a final (needs
to be neat, have a nice border, etc.) then draw a picture. Very boring, takes a
long time. Overall, its a pretty good school.