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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Waldorf Review - Parent, Student and Teacher Reviews of Waldorf Education

So, since this blog has been fairly successful (it seems to show up fairly regularly on Google searches related to Waldorf)... it's time to create a second blog... and I've done just that!  THANK YOU for your support!

The Waldorf Review

The Waldorf Review will be a collection of honest reviews and sad stories about people who have experienced the ugly side of Waldorf.  Many parents describe horrible experiences during their brush with Waldorf.  Some parents describe being in a school for up to ten years before discovering the community could turn on them over something very insignificant.

You will notice a lot of the same reviews that have been posted on this blog on The Waldorf Review.  I will leave the reviews in both places for the time being - as it appears this blog gets more hits currently than the new blog.

The Waldorf Review (unlike this blog) allows comments.  Hopefully, parents will feel comfortable describing their own experiences in the comments section.  While meant to be a great resource for prospective parents, The Waldorf Review is also intended to provide a resource to parents for whom the Waldorf experience has ended in divorce.  Minor's counsel's and divorce judges will be very interested to read the sad stories or parents who trusted the Waldorf system - and who were failed by it. 

Hopefully, The Waldorf Review will, in time,  become an excellent resource for parent perspectives of an often problematic and sometimes dangerous educational system.