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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Highland Hall calls the cops on Pete!

I was contacted yesterday by a detective regarding one of my more sinister
comments regarding Highland Hall. Now that they realize my lawsuit is REAL, I'm
guessing they want to get as much on me as possible "on the record".

Highland Hall, I suggest you copy my entire blog. I'll be adding more to it
soon as I'm scanning documents for the lawsuit. My case against Highland Hall
is out there for everyone to see... (even the police).

The phone call went fine, BTW... please don't worry about me anyone... I get the
feeling the cops sympathize with me. One of the detectives who, after fighting
me initially saw how devoted I am as a father, told me "don't you EVER stop!" -
I've never forgotten this... as it gave me the confidence to face the judge in
court and get the bullshit restraining orders (not to mention minor's counsel)
removed. Since then I've made nothing but steady progress toward restoring my
daughters health and well-being. (Thank you Peggy)

As for Highland Hall... they should know I think the demise of their school is a
foregone conclusion at this point. They can barely fill their classrooms now...
the lawsuit will be their death knell. I'm focusing on the REST of Waldorf now,
in case they haven't noticed... and I'm going after the charter school system
AND AWSNA. One could say, I've got bigger fish to fry...