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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Father's :Plea - To Highland Hall Board Member

This was a plea for help to Highland Hall board of trustees member Hal Sazzman.  You can see how desperate I was - begging Highland Hall to stop interfering with my daughter's safety.


I'm sorry for involving you in this, but if you're really a friend, please talk with Hasib.  Find out what Angela and Jim have allowed to be done to my daughter.  I have enough on them to have them both thrown in jail along with the 29 year old crystal meth dealer they knowingly allowed {my daughter} to have as a boyfriend.  My daughter has been hooked on crystal meth for over a year.  I saw her Saturday - and I doubt she weighs 80 lbs.

If you still can't tell right from wrong after finding out what Angela and Jim have done to {my daughter}, then something is very wrong.  Again... your words ring in my ears - ENOUGH already!

Please, Hal, work with Hasib.  Help me get {my daughter} away from these two nuts and into rehab without any more interference from Highland Hall.  This is a human plea from one father to another.  Here's why...

So far, Hasib has run interference for Angela.  He won't speak to me unless I threaten him.  He ignored me when I asked for the names of mandated reporters at Highland Hall - when I had to report a crime concerning my OWN DAUGHTER.  I can prove all of this of course.  That's very bad behavior that I'm willing to report to the police.  I'm asking you to intervene before this escalates even further.  I need a responsible person to act as a contact to Highland Hall. 

I would prefer to work with Hasib, but he needs to get out of his denial phase and work positively.  You saw what his denial and refusal to talk with me did over the issue of racism in the classroom, didn't you?  That's still brewing BTW... Now he's trying to come between me and my daughter's safety.  You can imagine, I'm sure, that I'm not about to take much more crap from him before connecting him to this issue.  He did, after all, come in to run interference with me at Jim Pedroja's request.  I'm ready to point all this out to the community as well.  I don't like threats, but Hasib has trained me well - that this is the only thing he responds to - if anything.

Anyway, bottom line is - Highland Hall needs to take responsibility for what has happened to my daughter.  There is WAY too much connecting what happened here throughout her childhood and what has happened since.  {My daughter} needs rehab in a safe facility.  Highland Hall needs to pay for it.  I'd like it to just happen quietly and hopefully you've seen enough by now to know that if it needs to be a community effort, I'll make it one.   I'd prefer that nobody goes to jail over what happened to my daughter... but to be honest, I think a few people should. 

Hasib will probably tell you not to answer me Hal.  All I can say is there is a right side of this issue and a wrong side.  A few people thinking they are defending Angela have been on the wrong side of this issue.  They will, I'm sure, regret it. 

You once confided in me, after a particularly bad display, that Christine Leonard had finally "stepped on her own dick".  Now - Angela has finally done that Hal.  Please help me to get my daughter to safety with as little further incident as possible.  It's in everyone's best interest.

Thanks Hal,