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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The SF K Files

My Comment:

Pete K said:
The glowing review by Claire makes it easy to see how people can be completely duped by people on a "mission". Waldorf is the missionary arm of Anthroposophy. Waldorf's job is to make Anthroposophists out of normal people - and, of course, children. Not everyone who puts their kid in Waldorf will "drink the Kool-aid" but in Waldorf's eyes - no harm... they still get tuition money - which will pay for an Anthroposophist's kids to attend for free. Some kids turn out fine, others are scarred for life. If both parents drink the Kool-aid, the kids might turn out OK. As a poster above mentioned, divorce rates are high at Waldorf schools because when one parent wises up, they are expelled from the community. Most kids suffer, IMO. In my personal experience with Waldorf, I have witnessed racism being taught directly to kids as "science". Children were taught that people in Europe are more "evolved" than people from Africa... as if this was a scientific FACT! Someone above brought up Dawkins. In evolution class, Dawkins was hardly mentioned - except to be questioned (Dawkins is a Darwinist). Instead, students were given assignments of writing "from a creationist's viewpoint". The "evolution" class was promoting Intelligent Design. Intelligent kids are FORCED to write about stupid stuff in Waldorf schools. That is shameful. Waldorf science is Steiner's science... religion, racism and all. Pete Karaiskos