Waldorf schools are cult-like environments (sorry Waldorf kids who are reading this) and the missionary arm of Anthroposophy (something like Scientology). Anthroposophists do not immunize children for religious reasons related to Rudolf Steiner's wacky ideas about karma (as Dan Dugan stated above). Parents who attend Waldorf schools who are not Anthroposophists are given different reasons for conforming (shown all the evidence for avoiding vaccinations).

Very intelligent people are sometimes caught up in cults. Some Waldorf parents even take their children to be infected by other children (yes, this is true - I have witnessed this - it's not just something on South Park). They want their children to experience childhood diseases. And when they do, they are treated with Anthroposophical medicines (more Steiner nonsense). Please be wary of schools that are called Waldorf.

The entire idea of Waldorf education, and what is taught there, is based on the strange theories of a single man... and he was nuts. I have had first-hand experience with Waldorf for over 18 years and I am documenting my experiences here:


Pete Karaiskos