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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Davis Waldorf School Reviews - by Parents\

After leaving this school and having my kids tested, I would never go back
again. You think your paying to give your kids a head start while passing on the
love of learning, come to find out 6 years latter your really crippling them in
"this" program. (Test scores showed, child three years behind due to lack of
instruction. When child was instructed the scores jumped two grade levels in a 6
month period.)
Davis has incredible public schools, that help children excel academically and
have a lot of the same feel as this place, once did.
Check out one great school, Patwin.

Posted August 2, 2011
Our child spent four years at this school. After a few positive experiences in
the beginning, we had a miserable time at this school. Our child was bullied,
subjected to hate speech, beaten by a bully while being held by the bully's
sidekick. The teacher had zero previous teaching experience, pigeon-holed
children and treated all according to what she thought she "knew" about them as
though she had some special psychological insight into their karma. The teacher
was a disaster on the level of personal interaction and in terms of academics.
The principal is in a position of doling out financial favors to members of the
school board and therefore, rules supreme without any meaningful supervision,
and acts arbitrarily. Extremely hurtful environment and academically a disaster.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted February 5, 2011
Horrible experience. My son came from a very bad experience in the Davis School
system and transferred to Davis Waldorf in November. He said goodbye to his
teacher in June and in July we received a termination letter about his
enrollment. We did not receive any contact prior to this letter. I contacted the
office but they did not respond at all. My son has now been diagnosed with high
functioning autism and could have used the support of this school but they
dropped him as fast as they could after taking our tuition money.
—Submitted by a parent

Wow! It looks like the sudden attention to the Waldorf school reviews is
prompting parents to make their voices heard. This review appeared on the Davis
Waldorf School board within the last few minutes:\

Posted today
Davis Waldorf has been a true disappointment. After a few years it has become
clear that it is not simply a school with an emphasis on the Arts. Though almost
never mentioned the school is founded on the philosophy of one Rudolf Steiner
(labelled an educator but had no credentials), called Anthroposophy. This theory
is almost never mentioned but forms the basis for everything which goes on at
the school. Anthroposophy is an esoteric philosophy which incorporates karma,
racial hierarchies, categorizing children into the four temperaments, and plenty
of other Anthro nonsense. Children are encouraged to look back into antiquity
rather than modern knowledge for answers. They are taught the ancient 4 element
theory is fact, that myths and stories are fact. They are not taught to read
until at least 7 years old. Parents are told this is to avoid rushing education.
The reality is that Anthroposophy teaches that a child does not incarnate into
their Astral body until adult teeth form, this happens around the age of 7, that
only once the Astral body has fully incarnated can any intellectual faculty be
exercised. This education is not right for my children. Do you feel it's right
for yours? —Submitted by a parent