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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Westside Waldorf School Review - the next Highland Hall

Westside Waldorf school isn't a charter, it's private. Many Highland Hall
teachers (the worst) have made themselves at home at Westside.  Here's their list of teachers:

Listed from Highland Hall are:
1) Lisa Profumo (Scemema)... who hid the Wilkins molestation incidents from the entire school, ignored mandated reporting laws and put the school in severe legal jeopardy.  She's lying whenever her lips move.
2) Liis Edwards... Check out letters from Highland Hall on this blog for her signature.  She was involved in MANY cover-ups at Highland Hall.
3) Alex Houghton... a former friend and former Waldorf teacher - he once pretended outrage at what was going on at Highland Hall and promised to reform Waldorf through WISC... he's now silent as WISC continues to employ the very WORST teachers Waldorf has to offer.  He is influencing Waldorf boards across the country... sadly.

Here's a real shocker... :)

April 11, 2008
It is truly unfortunate that this school continues to promote itself to parents
without sharing that the model is based on Anthroposophy. If you are interested
in any Waldorf School read about Rudolf Steiner. Here is a good website to start
with: openwaldorf. com
—Submitted by a parent