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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pasadena Waldorf School Reviews by Parents

Pasadena is another problematic private Waldorf school which is the recipient of
problematic teachers from Highland Hall.\

Posted April 30, 2009
Pasadena Waldorf School has a fairy tale approach to life and does not prepare
children for the real world. The school's administration has no oversight and
teachers are free to instruct and discipline children any way they see fit. My
children had to be tutored after leaving Waldorf just to catch up with
mainstream society. The campus is beautiful and the ideals are romantic. The
story telling and performances are fun but do not begin to educate children in
today's complex world. There are some valuable lessons being taught, but negated
by the fact that a child cannot write correctly or spell. There is no test
taking and no monitoring of the educational process. Waldorf creates it's own
rules and changes them on a whim. I would not recommend this school to anyone
who takes their child's education seriously.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted November 16, 2007
The intentions are good, but it falls far short of it's goals.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted April 25, 2007
I am not sure the Waldorf model works in today's multicultural environment.
Having the same teacher from K-8 sounds romantic but it is rare to find an
individual with a skill set that can meet a child's needs over 9 years of
education. Parental involvement is very high and the atmosphere is nurturing. I
would not recommend a Waldorf Education unless you are prepared to supplement
your child's education w/ tutors and other outlets for both academic and
sporting activities. —Submitted by a parent

Posted February 1, 2007
After having my daughter at this school for 5 years, I pulled her out. They have
lost most of their good teachers and there is no oversight on poor performing
teachers. We most definitely would not recommend it for a quality educaton.
—Submitted by a parent