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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Waldorf School of Cape Cod - Reviews by Parents\

Posted February 15, 2012
If you think this Waldorf School is like other successful Waldorf Schools,
PLEASE THINK AGAIN. The grades are a GAMBLE depending on the TEACHER your child
will have for 8 YEARS. There is little to no accountability for poor quality and
inconsistent standards of education and behavior. The admin and faculty dogma is
closely held in secrecy which is part and parcel to the Rudolph Steiner s
teachings and if questioned you will receive patent answers with little thought
to your child s specific needs. If you find a faculty member that is willing to
listen without prejudice to your concerns, good luck. Even the faculty who are
known amongst their colleagues for poor performance have job safety. Many
families have left this school after investing many years in it because their
concerns have been systematically swept under the rug. Mum's the word here. I
for one fell under the spell of this school. I found that my child and the
majority of classmates that stayed were left with such deficits in academics
that intense interventions were needed for most. Our class started with 14 or
more and ended with 4. Be aware of retention rates at this school. They differ
among the faculty greatly.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted February 2, 2012
There is no boss at a Waldorf School which means there is no one accountable.
Faculty hold the position of authority and the members change yearly. Issues are
continually deferred for lengthy amounts of times and conclusions are rarely met
or shared. In the past several years the administration staff has changed every
couple of years for a total of approximately six changes to the Administrator
position, six to the Administration Assistant position and several more to the
bookkeeper position. There has also been many staff hired and let go in
positions such as Director of Admissions and Director of Outreach. In short
there is little consistency in the Administration staff. Some faculty will cover
their colleagues backs at great lengths even when evidence of unacceptable
behaviors are present or educational needs of the students are not being
met.There is enormous amounts of indifference directed towards any parent who
may question the Waldorf School or challenge them in any way.Children are not
held in reverence here at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod as is the Rudolph
Steiner teaching. In fact most issues are viewed as the child's and not the
adults in charge. Take a good look —Submitted by a parent

Posted February 7, 2005
My daughter has been attending Waldorf School of Cape Cod for five years,
completing second grade. She's learned to knit, mold beeswax, sing odd songs,
and has barely learned to read or write at the age of eight. This school's
emphasis on political correctiveness and art has completely absorbed their
ability to teach any fundamental aspect of early childhood learning. Though my
daughter has always received good marks in class, she is very far behind the
other children her age who go to other schools in every subject. There have been
several cases of violence that have been dismissed by the school system, and
there seems to be a total lacking of any form of discipline. I anxiuosly await
the end of the school year when I can enroll her into a different school. Please
save your child's education and put them into a different school system.
—Submitted by a parent\

If academics hold any importance to you, do not attend this school. Don't ask
about how many children are in each class, but about how many have left. If you
enroll your child here, be sure to find a good tutor to take the Waldorf journey
with your child.
Submitted by a Parent on Jul 19, 2011

Absolutely agree with former reviewer. My child's class started with more than
14 students and by graduation only 4 were left. This is not the only class that
dropped out. Do your research regarding this school. Philosophies are archaic
and completely misunderstood by parents. There are no assessments to track your
child's progress and it is almost impossible to find a tutor who can unravel the
gaps your child will undoubtedly have when transferring to another school. Do
not attend this school. There are few redeeming qualities once you get past the
"oooh isn't this a nice place" feeling.
Submitted by a Parent on Feb 22, 2012