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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Brooklyn Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents

Smaro January 19, 2011 at 10:04 am
My daughter attended one session of the parent child program before I become completely fed up and left the school. Initially, I applied online and received a confirmation email. After hearing no response, I called and left 2 emails to follow up. The admissions staff told me she would get back to me on all occassions. Heard nothing. Then, I decided to make a visit to the school and after speaking to the admissions coordinator in person, she said she would email me the next day with a response. Heard nothing, and contacted her two days later. After numerous emails (over 10), she states that she lost my application and to please apply again. After applying, I had to follow up twice before receiving any confirmation. When it came time to pay tuition, I decided to pay in person just to make sure everything went smoothly. A few weeks later, she tells me she never received my check (which I handed her!) I felt like I spent more time dealing with problematic issues than the amount of time my daughter spend in this 2hour class. After speaking with three other parents, they told me they have encountered communication issues with admissions or staff. As a parent, I find this unacceptable. I am not continuing with the parent child program or continuing onto nursery.