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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Highand Hall Waldorf School - Open Letter to the Board

Dear Board of Trustees,

I see a lot of new faces since I was last at Highland Hall.  And, of course, some old faces who are being named as conspirators in my lawsuit against Highland Hall and AWSNA (Hi Laura and Hasib).

I'd like to burden the board with a few questions.
So, my first question to you is... Can you hear me now?  Are you taking me seriously yet?   How has ignoring me and the harm that was done to my family worked out for you so far?  You've made Highland Hall (and Waldorf) synonymous with abuse... not to mention teaching racism.
Do you realize the harm you have done to Waldorf education as a whole?

I see a couple of immediate problems that are going to make things worse for Highland Hall in particular, and Waldorf in general.

First, you've rehired Lynn Kern.  BIG mistake.  She was, as you know, at the bottom of the failed mandated reporting involving Jeffrey Wilkins, the son of a teacher, and Larry W, a teacher.  These were two separate incidents that happened concurrently.  Then faculty members were either kept in the dark (I believe Karen Grant was one of them) or involved in keeping parents from one class from discovering the events that happened in the other class (Lisa Scemema Profumo).   Lynn Kern is directly connected to AWSNA - and I have AWSNA on record defaming me to a parent inquiring about my case.   You guys have made suing you very easy... but now that AWSNA is directly involved, I'll be suing more than just Highland Hall.  Lynn is going to cost you even more enrollment in the months to come.  Oh, and just let ANYTHING bad happen in your summer camp.
Second, Ed Eadon has been moved to El Rio Charter... HUGE mistake.  Ed is the poster-boy for terrible administrators.  El Rio has already taken down descriptions of what Ed has done in the past from their blog.  They are also claiming a result in the PLANS lawsuit that is downright FRAUD.  Here's the lawsuit - still in progress as if this week: . This is evidence of hiding known information and a problematic administrator from the public.  The hiring of Ed put my focus on the Waldorf charter school system.  I'm expecting Jim Pedroja to show up as an administrator somewhere too.  There's no denying what Ed and Jim have done.  The public attention is only the beginning, but it will probably be enough to get El Rio reviewed.  I've already sent the Charter School Board a letter of complaint.  El Rio is going to have their hands full - especially when I sue their administrator's ass off.  I'm collecting the reviews of Waldorf schools here: and it doesn't look too good.
Speaking of my lawsuit - I want to really thank you for having published all the material I need to sue you.  Document after document admitting and apologizing for your crimes - it has been a real blessing.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should really check out my blog:
especially here:

Many of the things Highland Hall did were criminal.  Many more were shockingly immoral.  Many people conspired to cover up criminal activity... and that too is against the law and is a separate crime.  They conspired to tear down Missing Child posters.  Feel free to read the legal documents I presented to divorce court.  The divorce judge even suggested I should sue Highland Hall.

So know that you've got important work ahead of you.  Highland Hall may even be closing their doors soon... that's how big my lawsuit (and your crime) is.   Teachers who were involved have gone from Highland Hall to other neighboring schools, some across the country, and even across the Atlantic.  It matters not to me... I hold you all accountable and so will the courts.  Those schools will come under review too. In fact, I'm putting EVERY Waldorf school under the microscope. 
Each of these schools has Highland Hall to thank for the focus I've placed on them.
Think about the harm you've done to ALL of Waldorf education with your ridiculous denial of wrongdoing... or spiritual justifications for harming children.  I'm here to save the world from monsters like YOU.