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Monday, May 7, 2012

Three Cedars Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents

Posted October 15, 2007
In it's early years this school was a great and flourishing with life. Bur recently it has taken a turn for the worse, making terrible decisions about faculty and poor academics. If you want a place for your child to mosey there way through school up until high school...this is the place for you.  —Submitted by a former student

Posted April 2, 2006
Well meaning, but falls short academically and in safetey and disclipline. We were fairly shocked by the lack of emphasis on anything related to direct education. Discipline problems were evident among the more active kids.  —Submitted by a parent

Posted April 3, 2005
Comparatively speaking to other Waldorf schools in the area, this developing school has only 'back-slided' in the last several years. Due to lack of funding and an outrageous mortgage, they are not putting as much into their curriculum as they were previously, and have also made some pretty un-wise choices as far as faculty. —Submitted by a parent