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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Desert Star Community School - Waldorf Charter - Reviews by Parents

Posted May 18, 2011
Desert Star has many pros and cons. If your main interest is knowing that school will be fun place for your kids. This is a good school. There does seem to be a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities such as knitting, gardening, field trips, painting and drawing, mixed with a bit of music. However, it is lacking in the basic curriculum in regards to reading, writing, and math. There are no text books for each child and most of the work that is handed out is hand-printed. In two years, my child has not had one spelling test nor has spelling been taught as a class in and of itself. There also seems to be a lack of clear organization and direction. I would have to honestly say that if one's priority is in learning the basic educational curriculum, then this will not be the school for you. However, if one's priority is that your child thinks that school is fun and that people are nice and, if that is good enough for you, you will more than likely like this school very much.
—Submitted by a parent