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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Four Winds Waldof School - Reviews by Parents

Common problems here:\

Posted December 10, 2011
After participating actively in this school for many years I am deeply concerned
about recent changes in quality, management and mission. Its claim to put
children first is not in active practice. Massive departures of families over
the last several years raise significant red flags. Children having come as far
as the end of elementary school are not able to transfer well to other school
situations due to curriculum differences and parents maybe shocked to find their
children several grade levels behind. Not the best value in this economy. Seems
to have lost its way in terms of mission, focus and quality. 501c3 status is
deceiving and not at all warranted. This school is more focused on bottom line
than quality education. Care for the children is easily dismissed when it suits
their other agendas. Buyer beware.