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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunridge Charter School - Reviews by Parents\

The first one was intended to be a positive review - judge for yourself if this is the attitude you want for your child's school:

Posted August 29, 2011
Gaia shown her light on this scrap of earth. A place where all is possible &
nothing expected of our children. Staff, Teachers & parents each a moving,
loving surrogate mother to us all. No stresses or pressures for testing &
labeling our children made by bourgeois capitalists. Come enjoy our gardens.
Each other.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted December 30, 2005
This school evolved from a private Waldorf based school which went bankrupt, has
struggled to reinvent itself as a charter school. Now calling itself
waldorf-insirpered, it has managed to continue on, but make no mistake, when
nobodiey's looking it reverts to the old standard waldorf curiculum. It provides
good solid teaching in the social subjects, english etc., but the science is and
math is sorely lacking. when my kids took the SSAt tests, the shortcomings
became evident. They hadn't been taught much of what was tested the
state scores carefully before sending your kids here...
—Submitted by a parent