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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lynn Kern - Highland Hall Waldorf School has a not-so-new administrator

"Lynn served Highland Hall for a decade as the school's first administrative
director, during which time the school's enrollment grew markedly and its
financial strength was significantly improved."

During Lynn's previous term as Highland Hall's administrative director, children
were molested and cover-ups ensued at her direction. This document describes
the steps Lynn Kern did NOT take, and why she WASN'T prevented from taking them.
Highland Hall - Breaking Mandated Reporting Laws

Lynn's first response was to cover up the first molestation by the teenage son
of Wendy Wilkins, a Waldorf teacher employed at Highland Hall. Her reasoning
was that the child wasn't enrolled at Highland Hall. The pedophile was allowed
to play on the grounds with many children. His activities are describe in this
eloquent letter by a parent:

Meanwhile, concurrent to the first incident, a COMPLETELY SEPARATE groping
incident involving an assistant teacher and high school girls was underway.
Again, the incidents were covered up - children were even bullied by teachers
modify their testimonies. The detail of those incidents are related here:

Lynn Kern was forced to resign after failing to comply with mandated reporting
laws. Now, she's back... running Highland Hall! And remember, for the first
time, Highland Hall is offering a SUMMER CAMP - and hiring transient
"counselors" to work there - a week at a time!

Parents should be warned about Lynn Kern and her administrative style. Secrecy
and cover-up is the name of the game - that and intimidation of students to keep
them quiet. All one has to do to confirm this is to look at Highland Hall's
track record... and Lynn Kern's.