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Monday, May 7, 2012

Santa Cruz Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents and Students

Sierra D.
Arlington, VA
Haha, rate your school. I went here for a couple years. Some good things, some weird things. This educational foundation lets the child set their own pace, its a little separated from the real world. I remember no shoes in the classroom, a little lunch basket with a cloth napkin, gnomes, drawing with pastels and no clothing with characters. I remember there was a girl in my class that had never watched TV. I think Waldorf is great.....they have an amazing Halloween festival there, and I think a May Day one too. Unfortunately, I don't think I am the Waldorf type.....but I also learned how to knit and I remember a lot of good times being imaginative there.

Y C.
Scotts Valley, CA
Unless you're a genius, don't go there or you will be so behind academically when you leave. It will take months if not years to ever catch up, if at all.