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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mountain Phoenix Waldorf Charter School Reviews by Parents

Posted December 31, 2011
We enrolled our daughter at Mt. Phoenix. They promised bus transport from Wheat Ridge to the Coal Creek Canyon Campus, we thought, this is good. Then they told the eighth graders no ball point pens were used & no media presentations would be used in the classroom, we thought, that s odd. On the first day of school, there was no bus and no notification that five students would be jammed into a teacher's Buick, we thought, What s going on here? Then, our child and her best friend were repeatedly bullied. The teacher and principle told us it was my child s fault, we said, Enough! This is a little school in a remote canyon that operates on its own set of rules. I m sorry but I thought that when funded by tax payers, the school had to be worthy of that support! In our opinion, Mt. Phoenix is failing in that mission. Our child was suspended AFTER the October student count. I looked for another school. Everything was infinitely better once we found out about Alpine Valley School. This is best kept secret in Wheat Ridge. For us it was the only logical choice. If you haven t considered this option, you owe it to your child to look into this unique educational alternative!  —Submitted by a parent
Posted August 24, 2011
WORST SCHOOL EVER! We were so traumatized by our experience with this so called school. 12 people that I know of also left this school of 60. Quite a significant percentage.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted April 4, 2011
I had my grandsons there, the first year, they were wonderful and truly wanted to help them and help them become the best they could be. The following year after a admin change, they changed drastically. They no longer seemed to care about the children as much. Seemed more interested in who brought the money with them. One of the upper grads teacher actually lied to and about me and had me removed from the games day. One of my grandson was being terribly abused and all I heard from them was "well, you don't know the whole story" and that was after I was on the playground for recess every day. There are other people who feel the way I do. They are back in the public school and are doing good. But because the education at this school was not up to par, they are behind and the new teachers are trying and doing a good job. I would not recommend this school. —Submitted by a parent