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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hartsbrook School - Review by a Student

Here's another one I've never heard of. This is a very poignant student review:

a student
Posted on 02/20/11
This is only for the High School: Look beyond the beautiful campus and the
hospitality of the student body, teachers and staff. If you want a half hearted,
learn nothing (in terms of academics) education then Hartsbrook is for you. The
arts are OK, and I say this only because there are some really interesting and
great art classes and others are complete crap. The teachers of the school are
mixed. There are about 3 really amazing teachers that have taught at college
level. Then about 2/3 of the rest of them are utter shit. They are people who
cant even make a proper conversation with a student, and have to have other
people pass the message on. Alot of them are lousy teachers in that they do alot
of this "cutting around the bush", "Well blah blah blah, now how do u feel about
this" and "Thats a great question, but lets concentrate on this topic for a
little longer" Or "thats a great question, would anyone else like to answer it?"
However the biggest problem at Hartsbrook High is that the administration works
SOOOOOOO SLOOWWWWWW. If you want to appeal something, it takes weeks if not
months, and continuous reminding and persistence even to be considered by the
faculty. There are days when I come to school and ask myself, WTF am I doing
wasting my time at an institution like this. There are some days when I simply
cant believe what utter bull shit I just went through. I didnt learn anything.
Classes are cancelled or wasted, by the lack of grip, enforcement and
supervision of the students. Students will goof around and waste entire classes
without the teacher truly making an effort to stop it or penalize them. Now this
next part you can only take my word for, if you really would like to know for
yourself simply ask a student. Most of the students would agree with me on the
feedback I have given and the reason most of them are continuing to go to school
here is because their parents force them too, or they went to the lower school
and the parents were convinced that the high school is just as amazing as the
lower school, or that they dont care and just wanna goof around. Having said
that the number of rich goof off kids has risen, just look at the dances for
example, there never used to be drugs at any of them. Now there are people
lighting up outside and coming buzzed to prom etc. The faculty dont even notice
it and I cant even begin to tell you the amount of parties/get togethers people
have weekly where the entire group gets blazed or sauced. You have been warned.
Please visit multiple times and make sure this is the school you would like to
attend. P.S. I will have to say the 3 teachers that were absolutely amazing
truly changed my learning experience and my life. I will never forget or regret
being taught by them. If anyone for Hartsbrook is reading this. You guys have
got to fix your administration and get it straight.