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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School - Reviews by Parents

Pleasant Ridge is where problematic Highland Hall teacher Aaron Schmidt ended up.
Posted June 3, 2008

Posted April 21, 2008
I was involved with Pleasant Ridge Waldorf for over 10 years and watched as it was taken over by elitist executives from Organic Valley (local organic farmer cooperative). The teachers were not paid well enough for the amount of work they had to do and the amount of tuition that was squeezed out of parents . SELL RAFFLE TICKETS OR YOU PAY FOR THEM OUT OF POCKET? I think not. I pulled my kids (all 3) out and was astonished at how little vital information they had learned. We home-schooled, then tried public school, and they love it. My kids are struggling to catch up and I feel like a bozo for letting them down, while shelling out over 50K over the past 10 years on an education & lifestyle appropriate for very young children. Mellow, sweet, and non-invasive. —Submitted by a parent